How To Make Money Online With Funnels

There are many ways to make money with funnels. The exact modus operandi will depend on where you stand and what your expertise is. In effect, what you have to offer will determine if you can make money with funnels and how much. Here are three ways to make money with funnels.

Sell a Product or Service

If you have a product or service to offer, then you can use a funnel to increase your sales or subscriptions. You can set up a sales funnel on your official website or online store. You can generate organic and inorganic traffic from multiple sources, reroute the target audience to your official landing page and then quickly sign them up or convince them to make a purchase. Funnels are not the same as an official website or an online store. They are not the same as marketing articles, press releases, blogs or any such outreach program you may consider and conceive. Funnels are a focused sales method. They are concise and swift.

You can equate funnels with cold calls of telemarketers. Telemarketers would use predictive dialers, also known as automated dialers, to call people from a database at random, qualify them quickly, pitch a product or service and sell it or sign up the customer. Similarly, your funnels would target a vast audience using virtual outreach, take advantage of those getting redirected to the landing page and quickly convince them to purchase or sign up. You can generate leads, acquire customers or upgrade existing customers using funnels.

Become an Affiliate Marketer

Let us presume you do not really own a product or offer a service. Hence, you cannot really have funnels for your own propositions. You may choose to promote a product or service of another company or individual.

You can do this by becoming an affiliate marketer. You can still make money with funnels as an affiliate marketer.

You can use the funnel put in place by the company or individual to sell their products or services. You can redirect the traffic you generate for them to the sales funnel and effectively contribute to the sales. You can earn commissions on the basis of sales, leads or traffic.

You may also create your very own funnel to generate this traffic, which you would eventually route to the funnel of the company or individual you are working on behalf of. You don’t have to be confined to any one entity, product or service.

You can use your own sales funnel to generate traffic and you can redirect them to one of the many entities you are teamed up with. This provides you a plethora of options and you can reroute traffic on the basis of their eligibility, preference and other factors.

Sell Traffic to Sales Funnels

Sales funnels would only be of any help if there is substantial traffic generated through the catchment. If the landing page does not have enough visitors then the rest of the sales funnel is basically unutilized and would become irrelevant. To overcome such a common problem, many companies pay different types of entities to buy traffic. This can be done through advertisements, promotions, branding campaigns, endorsements or just outright plugging the product, service or entity on social media and other platforms.

If you have the virtual infrastructure and substantial outreach, then you can use the same as the frontend or the pool of traffic for funnels of other entities. You can make generous amounts of money by rerouting such traffic. This may be mistaken to be similar to affiliate marketing. It is not. This is closer to online brand endorsements or just plugging a brand, its product or service to your immediate following or to the traffic you generate.


If you want to make sales without a funnel this video is loaded with information.